Three really common places to put nine different things

Can you believe how factual and dead-on this is?

Things Places
Booger you just picked On your pant leg.

On your sock.

Anywhere in the air (by flicking it).

An unused condom In your pocket.

In your glovebox.

In the oven.

A used condom On the floor.

In the garbage.


A freshly born baby In the hands of the mother.

In the hands of the father.

On a baby-sized hamster wheel.

A ski pole In the snow.

Under a skier.

In a snowboarder.

A cat In water.

On a dog.

In a hat.

A kitchen Under water.

On the moon.

In a bathroom.

Ketchup On french fries.

On pizza.

On ketchup.

Tidal waves In the kitchen.

In a Swim Ear commercial.

In outer space (can you fucking imagine?).


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