Know your Bro-nouns: People, Places and Things, for Bros!

Here is the highly coveted, famous list of bro-nouns:

Brodel — Like a yodel, but with more bro, “Brodelay brodelay brodelay hee hoo.”

Brah — You can wear a brah like a bro, brah.

Broling for Columbine — This is a movie. They accidentally filmed it in Colombia.

Brodeemon — It’s a bro, from the Caribbean (often confused with a demon).

Bro-day-day — This is the national holiday for bros. (You can also call a bro, “bro-day-day.” + Points for versatility.)

Bro wurst — Originally sold in Brovaria, Germany, this delicacy is now sold in the Brolandia, and, every Super Bowl Sunday BBQ.

Brahski — Use this type of bro for skiing the Alps (nobody knows, really).

Brodee-Han(Solo) — The bro version of Han Solo in Star Wars. Bring your keg saber.

Brew-brah — The best type of drinking buddy is a brew-brah.

Umbrobro — This bro wears Umbro. He probably plays soccer.

Brotel — Have you ever stayed there? Stay here when the surf is up (or when you’re ready to just get tanked.)

MacBook Bro — Before the Pro model, there was the Bro model; Steve did not approve.

Josh Brolin — That’s Josh Brolin; he’s a famous actor.

Sunny Brono — That’s Sunny Brono; he’s a famous entertainer.

Bro. J. Simpson — That’s Bro. J. Simpson; he’s a famous killer.


3 thoughts on “Know your Bro-nouns: People, Places and Things, for Bros!

  1. Richard Andrews says:

    Gotta couple others to add to this fantastic list:

    bromance: two bros that develop bro feelings in a totally straight way

    bro-man-chu: highly stylish facial hair style for bros

    Lebro James: the King of bros (that ball)

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