Hi, I’m Alex.

I was a writer for a while. Now I’m into technology. (That’s not to say you can’t do both.) I get bored easily, which is probably why this blog has shifted to any/all thoughts — it used to just be about coding and learning how to do it.

I like to A) entertain and B) help people, so each post tries to accomplish either A or B, or both.

Things I love, in no particular order: Soccer, Skiing, Traveling, Writing, Thin-Crust Pizza, Deep-Dish Pizza, Other Types of Pizza, Learning, Random Goals/Challenges, Efficiency, Life

Things I hate, in no particular order: Gum or Dog Poop or Any Poop On My Shoe, Slow Internet, Inconsiderateness, Laziness, Liars, Lazy Inconsiderate Liars, Death

If you are coming to this blog from a professional¬†perspective (and I’m not sure why you would), you can find me on LinkedIn.

If you are coming to this blog from any other perspective, hell yeah, let’s get coffee or exchange e-mails, or do other friendly things.

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