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  1. Andres Cuadrado says:

    My friend Tandy: hello this is Andres, husband of Mariela, from Ecuador. from time to time i review your post.. interesting posts.. Mariela told me you were coming to EC.. hope you have fun again… I always remember your case, because you changed your career a lot, but seems to me that it{s going well. from time to time i usually think to do the same.. I used to enjoy coding at university, but things have changed a lot last 10 years.. would u give me an advice? what coding language you see a lot of future, and what language code you advise to begin with? I used to be good with C++.. anyway hope you´re doing well , and see you someday.. we were thinking to go NYC this year.. BYe!

    • Hola! Do you have Facebook or Twitter anymore? You should send me a message there and then we can exchange e-mail addresses! I have plenty of tips that I can give you, and I would be happy to share them.

      It is nice to hear from you, and maybe see you in NYC this year? That would be cool. But I will also be in Ecuador soon. Perhaps we can meet up when I’m there…

      Let me know!

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